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COLLECTED CONTENT: Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom - a commemorative and educational project on General Władysław Anders and his soldiers

The Institute of National Remembrance and the Museum of the Second World War are launching a new project commemorating General Anders’ combat trail.


On 19 July, chaired by Karol Nawrocki, the current IPN’s President, a meeting of the team representing both institutions opened the "Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom" commemorative and educational project. It aims at presenting the journey of over 116,000 Poles, civilians and General Anders’ soldiers, as well as the combat trail of General Maczek’s 1st Armored Division, to international audiences. The enterprise objective, outlined by Dr Nawrocki back at his hearing before the IPN Council, is educating the public on Polish will and commitment to free Europe from totalitarian regimes. The project is to be carried out in the years 2021-2025, and planned to cover the countries on three continents that the Anders Army went through. We will highlight, among other things, the relations between local residents and communities and the Polish army, search for archival materials, and find people who still remember the war years, or their relatives. We intend to record several testimonies of history witnesses.

A visit of the IPN's representatives to Uzbekistan, 7–10 July 2021


On 7–10 July, representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance paid a visit to Tashkent, the aim of which was to establish cooperation with leading Uzbek academic, museum and archival institutions. The delegation of the Institute of National Remembrance, led by the IPN’s  President Karol Nawrocki, Ph.D. met with representatives of the State Museum of Repression at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, under the leadership of Director Khasanov Bahtyiyor Vakhabovitch, representatives of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the "Uzarhiv" Agency, under the chairmanship of the Senator of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Director of the Institute Azamat Hamid Ogli Ziyo, and with employees of the State Museum "Shaun-sharaf", part of the Memorial Complex "Victory Park" of the Museum of Glory, headed by Jusupov Shukhrat Nobievich, Counselor-Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


"Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom" in Italy, 27–29 July 2021


On Tuesday, 27 July, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance Karol Nawrocki is flying to Italy in relation with the "Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom" project – foreign promotion of the journey made by Polish civilians and soldiers of General Anders, as well as the combat trail of General Stanisław Maczek’s 1st Armored Division.On 28 July, Karol Nawrocki met Anna Maria Anders to give her the project’s outline, and discuss the details of the long-term (planned for the years 2021-2025) enterprise that will require the Ambassador’s particular assistance. Also discussed was the related scholarly activity, which includes the conference scheduled for November. After the meeting, the IPN’s President and the representative of the Republic of Poland in Italy visited the Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino and the 2nd Corps Memorial Museum.

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