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Winners of the IPN’s "Custodian of National Memory" Prize named

The winners of the 19th edition of the "Custodian of National Memory" Prize, established by the Institute of National Remembrance, were announced today at 12:00 at the IPN’s Educational Center in Warsaw. The event was attended by the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Jarosław Szarek Ph.D.

We are telling the world about Poland. The President of the Institute of National Remembrance on why Poland has managed to survive so many difficulties.

The New Media Institute, the originator of the project, has once again asked the Institute of National Remembrance to participate in this valuable initiative. In the latest edition of the project, in his article ”Uncompromising spirit of Poland”, Jarosław Szarek Ph.D., writes about Poland regaining its independence and finding its rightful place on the map of Europe.

1 November: Poland celebrates All Saints’ Day

Even though, according to the Catholic Church calendar, it is 2 November, All Souls’ Day, that is officially dedicated to remembering the deceased, it has been a long-lasting tradition in Poland to think about them and tend to their graves on both these days.

Early footage from the war that would resemble no other

Courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the IPN is presenting Julien Bryan’s "Siege" - the famous photojournalist and filmmaker’s account of the German attack on Warsaw in September 1939, and of the plight of civilians.

The first “Echoes of Katyn” International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms organized by the Institute of National Remembrance has come to an end.

The winning films were announced during the gala evening organized at the ‘Kamienica’ theater in Warsaw on 25 October 2020. The jury's prize went to the Latvian film “The Mover” directed by Davis Simanis Jr, whereas the audience chose to award the film “The Silent Revolution”, directed by Lars Kraume.

“Echoes of Katyn” International Film Festival On Totalitarianisms – Warsaw, 22–25 October 2020

2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre. Therefore, the Institute of National Remembrance has decided to inaugurate the “Echoes of Katyn” international film festival, the subject of which will cover the broadly understood issue of totalitarianism. The symbolic ‘Katyn’ is an occasion to remind the public about the criminal totalitarian systems of the 20th century.

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire…The IPN's "Passports to Paraguay" continued

A meeting with the filmmakers of the film Polmission. Passports’ Secrets took place after the premiere of the film, on 24 October 2020 as part of the Echoes of Katyn International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms. The debate was attended by: Jacek Papis - film director, Robert Kaczmarek - producer, Jakub Kumoch - former Polish Ambassador to Switzerland, Sebastian Piątkowski Ph.D. (IPN),and Barbara Stanisławczyk-Żyła, who hosted the meeting.

A monument to Pál Teleki erected in Cracow

Today, the former capital city received a new memorial devoted to a faithful friend of Poland, Count Pál Teleki, who as the Prime Minister of the Hungarian Government twice stood on our side when it mattered most.

I was born in Poland

We’re going back to our roots, returning to the idea: the IPN’s spot presents the community, the Poles who said "NO" to communism in the 1980s, ordinary people who opposed the communist system. We did it because we were together. It was born in Poland in 1980.

The participants of August '80 at the closing ceremony of the exhibition "This is where Solidarity was born" - the mission continues

The President of the Institute of National Remembrance invited the founders and members of "Solidarity" as well as anti-communist opposition activists from the 1980s to the ceremonial closing of the exhibition "This is where Solidarity was born" on Piłsudskiego Square in Warsaw on 16 October 2020.





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