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On 11 July 1920 in Lubstynek, the local population chose Poland and won. The IPN celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle plebiscite

"The Polish state could not have gained more at that time. That is why today we should remember about the handful of our compatriots who voted for Poland on 11 July 1920. It is thanks to their attitude that four villages in the Lubawa commune: Czerlin, Lubstynek, Napromki, and Groszki found themselves within the borders of Poland," Jarosław Szarek, Ph.D., the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, emphasized during the press conference.

The Volhynia Massacre Victims Database available online

For the first time the IPN is making the Volhynia Massacre Victims Database available online. According to the latest research of historians, as a result of the crime around 100,000 Poles died at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

Poles and Jews. Centuries of dialogue, disputes, conflicts. Conference: “Polish-Jewish relations in the 20th century. Research-controversy-perspectives. Colloquium IV: New research challenges.”

The IPN commemorated the victims of the Kielce pogrom - 4 July 2020

On 4 July 2020, on the 74th anniversary of the pogrom of Jewish population in Kielce, the Deputy Head of the Institute of National Remembrance Kielce Sub-branch Patrycja Zatorska and Ryszard Śmietanka-Kruszelnicki, Ph.D. laid flowers under the plaque commemorating the murdered.

A long-lost wedding ring belonging to a former KL Auschwitz prisoner has been returned to his great-grandson

Thanks to the Institute of National Remembrance, a long-lost wedding ring belonging to Szczepan Brzozowski, a former KL Auschwitz prisoner, has been returned to his great-grandson. The ceremonial handing over of this unique personal effect took place at the IPN Archive on 2 July 2020 at 12.00.

The opening of the “This is where “Solidarity” was born” exhibition – Mielec, 1 July 2020

The first of a series of events organized at 53 locations across Poland will be opened by the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Jarosław Szarek Ph.D. on 1 July 2020 at 12:00 in Mielec. Piotr Duda, the current Chairman of “Solidarity” will also take part in the event.

I was born in Poland

We’re going back to our roots, returning to the idea: the IPN’s spot presents the community, the Poles who said "NO" to communism in the 1980s, ordinary people who opposed the communist system. We did it because we were together. It was born in Poland in 1980.

Human remains found in the former “Toledo”prison in Warsaw's Praga district

The Institute of National Remembrance officially announces the start of the second edition of the "Semper Fidelis" Prize. Applications may be submitted until 15 July 2020.

Exploration works in Odolanów. The remains of eight people revealed

On 15 ̶ 19 June 2020, the Office of Search and Identification of the Institute of National Remembrance carried out exploration works in the cemetery of the parish of St. Martin on Chwaliszewska Street in Odolanów (Ostrów County, Greater Poland Voivodeship).





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