Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość

Information about the 44th issue of the “Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość” [“Remembrance and Justice”] magazine (deadline for submitting articles: 30 April 2024)

The main theme of the 44th issue of the biyearly “Remembrance and Justice”, scheduled for publication in the second half of 2024, will focus on the life and works of the outstanding writer Sergiusz Piasecki.

We invite submissions of scholarly articles dedicated to Sergiusz Piasecki. We aim to encourage scholarly reflection, with a particular focus on highlighting elements that have been overlooked or inadequately addressed in previous research on the life and accomplishments of this remarkable yet lesser-known writer.

Proposed thematic areas:

  • issues of the Eastern Borderlands and the borderland in 20th-century historiography
  • historical context of the image of the borderland world and borderland man in the works of Sergiusz Piasecki
  • placing the writer and his achievements in historical space
  • intelligence activities of Sergiusz Piasecki in the service of the Second Polish Republic
  • Sergiusz Piasecki as an “executioner” in the Home Army in the Vilnius region
  • the writer’s emigration fate
  • reception of Sergiusz Piasecki’s work in Western Europe
  • Minsk region in the works of Sergiusz Piasecki
  • Sergiusz Piasecki’s journalism
  • topic proposals in the form of synthetic studies and selected case studies

The editorial office only accepts texts that have not been published before and contain a new, original approach to the topic.

We publish articles in Polish and English. The text volume limit is 50,000 characters for articles and source materials (with bibliography, summary and keywords) and 30,000 characters for reviews and accounts.

Submitted articles must contain:

  • ORCID,
  • biographical note,
  • bibliography,
  • key words,
  • abstract.

The publishing instructions and details about the review process are available at:

The editors of the 44th issue of the biyearly “Remembrance and Justice” are: Professor UWr Małgorzata Misiak, PhD with habilitation [Polish: dr hab.] and Prof. Włodzimierz Suleja, PhD with habilitation

Please send your texts to:

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