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Władysław Anders 1892–1970

  • Władysław Anders 1892–1970
    Władysław Anders 1892–1970

Zbigniew Wawer, Władysław Anders 1892–1970, Warsaw 2019, 28 pp. + 76 pp. of photographs, ISBN: 978-83-8098-620-6

The purpose of the “Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom” project by the Institute of National Remembrance is to show the contribution of the Polish Armed Forces to the liberation of the countries and nations of Western Europe, and to describe the routes followed by Polish soldiers and civilians to reach their dreamed-of free homeland. These routes led through various countries and continents, requiring great endurance and fortitude, as well as sacrifice of blood and often life. The project is scheduled for the years 2022—2025, and will include a variety of events, such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, commemorative activities, as well as various publications.

This book accompanying the “Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom” project is dedicated to General Wladyslaw Anders, who is associated with the exodus of Poles from the inhuman Soviet land and with the conquest of Monte Cassino by the Polish II Corps under his command. This publication also presents lesser known efforts of this great commander to restore Poland’s right to decide its own fate after World War II and to make the country fully independent from the Soviet Union.

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