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The international scientific conference "Polish police forces in comparison to the other formations established in Europe to guarantee public order and security over the last 100 years" – Kielce, 31 May – 1 June 2021

The Institute of National Remembrance Branch Office in Kielce, Professor Edward Lipinski School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences in Kielce and Winnica Cooperative Institute cordially invite you to a conference, the purpose of which is to analyze and expand knowledge about public order institutions, cooperation with justice institutions, current legal systems and the tasks and role played in the policy of strengthening the communist system, as well as presentation of individual attitudes of representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Polish People's Republic, also in regional aspects. It will also be important to show the ways in which police authorities eliminated from public life those individuals and organizations that opposed the imposition of undemocratic system solutions on the society. The added value of this conference will be to point out new research areas on this subject.

Polish police forces

The thematic areas of the conference will concern four periods of the functioning of police formations:

State Police in 1919–1939

Police formations during World War II in the occupied Polish territories

Police authorities in a country dominated by communists. Citizens' Militia and its individual formations in the years 1945–1990

Police in 1990–2020

The conference will be a hybrid event:

PART I – 31 May 2021 – STATIONARY form – Auditorium No. II of Professor Edward Lipinski School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences in Kielce (ul. Jagiellońska 109 A)

PART II – 1 June 2021 ON-LINE form – MS TEAMS platform

To participate in the conference, one will have to copy a link to the website that has been generated separately for each day of the event.


MS Teams 31 May 2021

MS Teams 1 June 2021

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