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Center for information on the victims of World War II

The primary task of the newly established entity is to disseminate information on the victims of Nazi German and Soviet repressions during World War II and following the end thereof on the basis of the archival records which remain in the possession of the Institute.

Center for information on the victims of World War II, booklet cover

The outbreak of World War II changed not only the history of the world, but, above all, it affected the history of families. Repressions from the German or Soviet occupant were suffered by a significant part of the society, and thousands of people still do not know the fate that befell their relatives. For those who want to discover unknown fragments from the history of their families the Center for Information on the Victims of World War II was established. Thanks to the collected archival materials and databases available at the Institute of National Remembrance, we have managed to help many families. Not only do we search for documentation, but we also advise victims’ relatives on their further search path.

It is worth to know the history of your ancestors and keep their memory alive.

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