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An online lecture on ”Polish National Symbols” available in Polish and English

”Polish National Symbols” exhibition cover

What do we know about the Polish emblem, national anthem and white and red flag?

When celebrating the Polish National Independence Day, it is worth considering where they originated and what these national symbols really mean to Poles. One thing is certain - they are subject to legal protection, which means that it is the duty of every Pole, public offices and institutions in Poland to treat them with the highest respect. Learn more about the Polish national emblem, the white and red colors and the national anthem from the online lecture "Polish National Symbols" available in both Polish-English.
The presentation was prepared by Kamila Churska-Wołoszczak Ph.D., from the IPN sub-branch in Bydgoszcz. The content of the online lecture is based on the IPN’s "Polish National Symbols" exhibition. 
 Take a virtual tour of the exhibition. 


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