The “Traces of Crimes – Forms of Remembrance. Katyń - Łączka – Ravensbrück” conference organized by the IPN's Office of Search and Identification, Warsaw 22 October 2019

The conference 'Traces of Crimes – Forms of Remembrance. Katyń - Łączka - Ravensbrück ” was devoted to the topic of searching for unknown burial sites of the victims of totalitarian regimes. During the conference, the participants were familiarized with the archaeological and exploration work in such places as Katyń, Miednoje, Ravensbrück or "Łączka" – lot “Ł” of the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw. The conference was opened with a lecture by Prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, the Deputy President of the Institute of National Remembrance, on the search and identification activities conducted by the Institute.

 A separate panel was devoted to material traces - archives from the Institute of National Remembrance and objects excavated from burial pits. The closing debate focused on presenting the perspective of the families, for years being deprived of the knowledge as to where their loved ones were buried.

The participants of the conference also had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic. The conference was organized by the IPN’s Office of Search and Identification.

- The aim of the conference is to present the problem from the perspective of families and their pain and suffering, in the context of not knowing the burial place of their loved ones. The speakers invited to the conference are all greatly renowned scientists and scholars, the participants of works carried out in locations known mainly from history textbooks. The conference will also be a great  opportunity to exchange experiences - say conference organizers: Ewa Kowalska and Kamila Sachnowska from the IPN’s Office of Search and Identification.



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