The IPN presented the excerpts from Hans Frank’s Diary - 10 October 2019

The IPN’s Deputy President Dr Mateusz Szpytma and editor of the publication entitled ”Rok 1939 w dzienniku Hansa Franka" [Year 1939 in Hans Frank’s Diary], Dr Paweł Kosiński, discussed the extracts from the Diary of Governor-General Hans Frank during the briefing in Warsaw on 10 October 2019.


At the same day, "History Point" – the Janusz Kurtyka IPN’s Education Centre in Warsaw will hold a discussion on the above mentioned book. Besides Paweł Kosiński, the meeting will be attended by Prof. Włodzimierz Suleja, Prof. Marek Kornat, Dr Marcin Przegiętka and Dr Jędrzej Lipski.

It is out Frank's vanity that we can now explore a unique historical source – the official journal of the Governor-General, kept from 25 October 1939 to 3 April 1945. On 18 August 1942, he wrote about his diary: "This one-of-a-kind document will be for all time a testimony to how serious I was when I undertook the task entrusted to me, and with what zeal all my precious associates did their jobs." In May 1945, Frank, after being arrested by the US military intelligence, voluntarily released the journal, which later, in the course of the Nuremberg trial, was used as evidence in court.

The book contains the entries from the last months of 1939, a period during which the structure of the German occupation authorities and the framework of the German occupation policy were shaped. It consists of of 33 documents from the first volume of the Governor-General’s diary and three documents from the first volume of protocols.


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