The representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance visit Georgia. "Great Terror in Soviet Georgia 1937-1938. Repressions against Poles” released in Georgian.

The IPN’s Deputy President Dr Mateusz Szpytma and representatives of the Archive of the Institute of National Remembrance, with its Director Marzena Kruk, are visiting Tbilisi to promote the release of the Georgian language edition of the joint publication of the IPN and the Archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia entitled "Great Terror in Soviet Georgia 1937-1938. Repressions against Poles”. The book previously appeared in Polish and was promoted in Warsaw and Gdańsk on the 19 and 21 April 2017.

The publication -"Polonelta Represiebi Sabchota Sakartveloshi Didi Teroris Dros (1937-1938)” , prepared in the Georgian, is the fruit of the work of the Polish-Georgian working group, functioning within the Archives of the Institute of National Remembrance, among three other groups (Polish-Romanian, Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Lithuanian). The work of these groups focuses on in-depth analysis of original sources and source edition complemented by detailed descriptions of archival materials.

The representatives of the IPN are also participating in meetings with partner institutions in Georgia with regard to possibilities and fields of further future co-operation.

The talks between the delegation from the Archive of the IPN and their Georgian counterparts within the working group will be devoted to already completed projects and future co-operation prospects, with special focus on the exchange of source documents. Moreover, the Georgian-language edition of “The Great Terror in Soviet Georgia in the years 1937-1938. Repressions against Poles”, jointly published by the IPN and the Archive of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, will be promoted by the conference participants. It will be accompanied by a screeining of the film directed by Mikheil Basiladze "Polish Accents of the Great Terror. Polish Operation 1937-1938".

Furthermore, the Institute’s representatives have been invited to visit the Parliament of Georgia and meet with its Secretary General, Mr. Givi Mikanadze, as well as to take part in the premiere screening of “Polish Accents”, a documentary about the NKVD’s Polish Operation of 1937-1938.





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