A downloadable IPN exhibition "Warsaw Uprising 1944. Battle for Poland "

The exhibition, prepared by the IPN’s National Education Office in Warsaw, presents basic information about the uprising in our capital in August and September 1944.

Thanks to the intricate process of coloring black and white photographs carried out by Mikołaj Kaczmarek, this is the first - full color - exhibition about the Warsaw Uprising.

The photographs presented here come from collections of, among others, the Warsaw Rising Museum, the Polish Press Agency, the KARTA Center as well as private collections.

Please feel free to download the exhibition from our website. It is available in B1 and A3 formats and consists of 14 boards.


author: Artur Kolęda

consultation: Dr Paweł Błażewicz, Dr Paweł Rokicki

review: Dr hab. Filip Musiał, Dr hab. Waldemar Grabowski

proofreading: Dr Piotr Chojnacki, Katarzyna Ziębik

graphic concept of the series: Aleksandra Kaiper-Miszułowicz

graphic design: Paulina Żak

digital coloring of black and white photos: Mikołaj Kaczmarek



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