Archivists from the IPN have helped to preserve the oldest issues of ”Dziennik Związkowy”

On 26-28 March 2019, the delegation from the IPN Archive stayed in Chicago. The main purpose of the visit was to return the original copies of the “Dziennik Związkowy” newspaper published in 1908.

Copies of the “Dziennik Związkowy” newspaper from 1908-1990 were handed over to the IPN Archive in July 2018 by Frank Spula, President of Alliance Printers & Publishers Inc. in Chicago in order for the IPN Archive to carry out their conservation, digitization, storage and later dissemination. According to the agreement, after the conservation of the original copies of "Dziennik Związkowy", excluding those from 1908, they are to be included into the resources of the IPN Archive.

On 27 March Marzena Kruk, the Director of the IPN Archive presented the President of Alliance Printers & Publishers Inc. Frank Spula with two volumes of the original copies of newspapers from the first year of its running (a total of 985 cards).

The representatives of the publisher and editor were informed about the course of work on the archival issues of "Dziennik Związkowy ", which included microbiological tests, fumigation, conservation work and digitization. Digital copies of the newspaper were also brought to Chicago. Both the representatives of the Archive and the receiving party were greatly satisfied with the fact that, due to mutual efforts, such a valuable source of knowledge about the history of the Polish community in the USA had been saved.

On 26 March, the delegation attended a meeting at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Chicago, where, in addition to information on the work of the IPN Office for Commemorating the Struggle and Martyrdom, the Archive Full of Remembrance project was presented. The IPN representatives also took part in the opening of the exhibition "The United States of America in Polish Historiography and Periodicals" and in a meeting with the representatives of the Polish Museum in Chicago.

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