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World premiere of educational gaming project "AVIATORS. WAR IN THE SKIES" - London, 24 January 2024

On 24 January 2024 at the British Educational Training and Technology (Bett) show in London, the educational game "AVIATORS. WAR IN THE SKIES" made by the IPN's New Technology Division had its world premiere. "AVIATORS" is available for free download at the platform Steam.

London is home to Bett's flagship event which is international with visitors from more than 120 countries. Thousands of visitors gather to meet with hundreds of EdTech providers, join CPD content sessions and network with their peers. The first Bett show was held in London in 1985.

“AVIATORS” is an educational adventure game in the first-person mode, with a total length of gameplay estimated at 2-3 hours. The game contains arcade elements and logic puzzles. The plot is based on real events and characters of Polish airmen serving in the air during World War II. For the purposes of the game, the developer used some simplifications and added fictional situations and places, diversifying the entertainment. The game has implemented a Journal module, containing a compendium of historical knowledge to which the “Aviators” refer.

The game is divided into 6 missions, in which the protagonists are authentic characters:

Jan Zumbach, Stanisław Skalski, Anna Leska, Jadwiga Piłsudska, Leszek Owsiany, Lucjan Kretowicz, Witold Korwin-Łopuszański, Władysław Schöffer, Włodzimierz Bernhardt, Stefan Bohanes, Jan Lück, Grzegorz Denisienko.


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