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IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION: "Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom" presented during the Subcarpathian Congress of National Remembrance in Rzeszów – 4 October 2023

Watch the coverage about an extraordinary, IMMERSIVE exhibition TRAILS OF HOPE. THE ODYSSEY OF FREEDOM. Three large screens allow us to immerse into the routes traveled by Polish soldiers and their families by land, water and air during World War II. We follow their path on the interactive globe, which is the heart of the exhibition. A control panel allows us to select a region of the world and learn about the history and fate of Poles there.

The immersive exhibition made its premiere during the Congress of National Remembrance on 13 April 2023 at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. It was created on the basis of materials collected while preparing the board exhibition that has been presented around the world since March 2021.



"Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom" is  an international educational and memorial project to commemorate the armed efforts of the Polish Armed Forces during World War II and the fate of civilians evacuated from the USSR with the army of General Anders. This is one of the main projects of the IPN. The exhibition recounts the heroic deeds of our airmen in the Battle of Britain, the Polish soldiers from Tobruk, Narvik or Monte Cassino. Part of the exhibition is a virtual globe showing the civilian, military, sea and land routes used by Poles during World War II. Through an interactive panel controlling the globe, anyone will be able to select a region of the world and learn about the history and fate of the Poles associated with it.

Learn more about the IPN's international project: Trails of Hope. The Odyssey of Freedom.

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