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The President of the IPN, Karol Nawrocki, Ph.D., attended the gala of the second edition of the "Passports of Freedom" awards

On 28 November 2022, Polish public TV honored the "Solidarity" heroes during the gala of the second edition of the "Passports of Freedom" awards.

The "Passports of Freedom" project aims to restore memory of the unknown heroes of the Polish struggle for freedom, dignity and independence. The activity of "Solidarity" members had a huge impact on the collapse of the communist regime and the political transformation in Poland. It is also worth remembering that the 1980s and the world-renowned freedom movement had many anonymous brave people we ought to commemorate. The "Passports of Freedom" 2022 laureates belonged to the anti-communist opposition of the 1980s.

More about the event and the laureates (Polish)

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