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The Defence of Grodno, 1939

When we first meet him, Antek Srebrny is only 14 years old, a boy scout in Grodno. Ever since the outbreak of World War I, he and

his friends have been preparing to fight the Germans. And yet he is fated to confront another fatal enemy of Poland — the Soviets. Like many of his peers, he

takes part in defending his home town of Grodno against the invading Red Army. This is not the only danger that lies in wait for him. He is followed by the mysterious Mr X.

Wil Antek survive the street fighting against the Red Army? Who will help him confront dangerous Mr X? What does the date 10 February 1940 mean for Antek and his family?

Find out in Part One of the Wartime Odyssey of Antek Srebrny. The Defence of Grodno 1939.


The Defence of Grodno, 1939

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