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Decommunization of Public Space

The Soviet propaganda imposed on us an image of communist Russia liberating Europe from German Nazism. In reality, half of our continent was dominated by the Soviet Union for the next 45 years. Monuments erected to Red Army soldiers fallen on Polish territory were, in fact, just objects promoting communism. For the sake of historical truth and respect for the Victims it is high time we cleared public space of the remnants of communist propaganda!




A film prepared by the IPN's Office of International Cooperation entitled "Decommunization of Public Space" is overturning the false narrative about the decommunization activities of the Institute of National Remembrance. The material briefly presents the purpose and nature of the IPN campaign, and emphasizes that by removing communist propaganda objects from public space, the IPN is fulfilling a task arising directly from the provisions of Polish law prohibiting the propagation of totalitarian ideologies and systems.

The IPN President Karol Nawrocki, Ph.D. has repeatedly stressed the need to cleanse public space of Soviet symbols and other relics of the communist totalitarian system not only in Poland, but also in all former Eastern Bloc countries.

The Red Army did not bring Poland liberation but renewed enslavement. Its battle trail was marked by death, pervasive terror, bestiality and the suffering of thousands of raped women.

Since the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, thanks to the efforts of the IPN and local authorities, 40 out of the 60 objects glorifying the Red Army terror have been removed from public space.

For these actions, Karol Nawrocki, Ph.D. was included in the list of persons wanted by the Russian Federation authorities. So were many other public figures, including Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.


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