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Agnieszka Wisła [wersja angielska]

  • Agnieszka Wisła
    Agnieszka Wisła

Anitta Maksymowicz, Agnieszka Wisła, translated by James Todd, Warsaw 2022, pp. 40, ISBN 978-83-8229-502-3 (print), ISBN 978-83-8229-503-0 (pdf online)

The series Heroes of Independence introduces characters who participated in the struggle for the independence of the Republic of Poland in various periods of her modern history: from 1914–1918, during the battles for the borders of a reborn Poland in 1918–1921; during World War II and finally – in the era of Solidarity. The purpose of the series is to commemorate the heroism of persons, as well as exploits associated with the heroic events of those times. No less important is the presentation of an exemplary attitude: sacrifice for the cause of Poland’s independence and freedom. In the books can be found the profiles of people widely known and also of those heroes of independence whose names, though oft forgotten, are worth remembering. Here are soldiers of the Polish Legions and the Blue Army, members of the Polish Military Organization (POW), participants in the Polish-Bolshevik struggle, insurgents of the uprising in Greater Poland and Upper Silesia, soldiers of the underground independence movement from the years of World War II and the post-war underground and lastly, the people of Solidarity.

Agnieszka Wisła received numerous awards for her many years of fruitful activity; the Polish government awarded her with the Silver Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland and the Cross of Polish Soldiers from America. She was the only female veteran to be honored with these awards. She also received the Polonia Restituta Order. The Polish Army Veterans Association in America awarded her several times with their highest honorary distinction: the Haller Swords. She also received the Cross of Merit of the Polish Army in America and several other organizational awards. The Falcons gave her the Falcon Service Cross inducting her into the Honorary Legion of Polish Falcons; she was also decorated with the Star of Upper Silesia. In 1968 the mayor of Chicago arranged for her induction into the prestigious Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.


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