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Information about the 42nd issue of the “Remembrance and Justice” journal (deadline for submitting articles is 28 February 2023)

The theme of the 42nd issue of the semi-annual “Remembrance and Justice”, which will be published at the end of 2023, will be broadly understood issues related to the history of Polish education in the years 1945–1989.

We invite you to submit academic articles dealing with the topic of sources for research on the history of Polish education in 1945‒1989, which are stored in archives in Poland and abroad. The situation of teachers and education workers after 1945 is also interesting from a research point of view. How many of them were there? What didactic methods did they use? How did they conduct their teaching activities? How did they function within the ideological and educational framework imposed by the state authorities? What were the relationships – on the one hand – between teachers and students, and on the other – between pedagogues and principals?

We also intend to look at the situation of students after World War II, taking into account their rights and obligations. We want to check whether they had the opportunity to develop their interests and abilities. We also want a multifaceted view of the school as an “institution”, “organization”, “system”, “emotional space” and a building.

Suggested thematic areas:

  • sources for researching the history of education,
  • the situation of teachers and education workers,
  • indoctrination and surveillance of the educational environment (students and teachers),
  • education as a propaganda tool,
  • independent activity of students and teachers,
  • training of teaching staff,
  • relationships between students and teachers,
  • the rights and obligations of students,
  • activities of Polish schools abroad,
  • schools of ethnic minorities,
  • departmental education,
  • comparison of the education system in Poland and other countries,
  • education from the perspective of the party and state leadership.

The editors accept only previously unpublished texts with a new, original approach to the topic.

We publish articles in Polish and in the congress languages: English and French. The text volume limit is 50,000 characters for articles and source materials (with bibliography, abstract and keywords) and 30,000 characters for reviews and reports.

Submitted articles must contain:

  • ORCID number,
  • bio,
  • bibliography,
  • keywords,
  • summary.

Publishing instructions and details of the review process.

The thematic editors of the 42nd issue are Dr Daniel Czerwiński and Dr Jan Hlebowicz.

Please send the texts to:;

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