Direction: Wilhelmshaven 1945

  • Direction: Wilhelmshaven 1945
    Direction: Wilhelmshaven 1945

Direction: Wilhelmshaven 1945, translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski, text Grzegorz Drojewski, drawings Hubert Ronek, historical insert and consultation Tomasz Łabuszewski, Anna Obrębska, Warsaw 2022, 40 pp., ISBN 978-83-8098-663-3 [The Wartime Odyssey of Antek Srebrny 1939-1945, part 7.]

How time flies! It wasn't long ago that we met 13-year-old Antek playing with his friends in the backyards of his native Grodno, and here we are nearing the end of his wartime epic. In the early spring of 1945, along with Gen. Stanisław Maczek's (nom de guerre Baca) First Armoured Division, he sets out for the German naval base at Wilhelmshaven. Along the way, in Oberlangen, he unexpectedly runs into loved ones he hasn't seen for a long time. But there is little time to embrace, for Antek's unit is on a special mission yet again. They have to capture an SS officer, the artwork thief Könesser, responsible for stealing the most precious treasures from the Wawel Castle royal treasury. Will Antek and his friends manage to stop this dangerous criminal? What role will a piece of Dutch cheese play in the story? Who should be afraid of "Baba Yaga" and her spells? Find out in Part 7 of the Wartime Odyssey of Antek Srebrny 1939-1945.

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