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A Polish-American artist Andrzej Pityński passed away

Soviet aggression on Poland from 17 September 1939

In consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, on September 17th 1939 the Red Army crossed the borders of Poland thus beginning the occupation of the eastern territories of the Second Republic of Poland, lasting almost two years.

Two Victories over Communism, Jarosław Szarek Ph.D.

In the 20th century two Polish victories changed the course of general history: stopping a march of the Bolsheviks to the Polish Republic and further to the West in 1920 and the first step on the way to free Central and Eastern Europe from the system imposed by Moscow in 1980. Both great victories over communism, impossible according to rational assessment, were won by our ancestors because a well-informed minority could overcome long-lasting weaknesses of the nation, wake it up from a lethargy and bring Poles together around fundamental values.

The initial stage of the September campaign

We encourage you to watch the IPN's film depicting the initial stage of the September campaign

Unequal Struggle

On the 81st anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War we would like to recommend reading Marek Gałęzowski's text on the German invasion of Poland and the first weeks of the September campaign

"Stolen Childhood" exhibition

The exhibition depicts the lives of children from the interwar period to the end of World War II. Brutally interrupted by war and occupation, their childhood left a huge trauma in their lives. The exhibition talks about the choices between being a victim, a passive observer and a defender.

The "Crimes on the Poles 1939–1945" exhibition

We know the identities of five defenders of Westerplatte! Commemorating the 81st anniversary of the outbreak of World War II – Gdańsk, 1 September 2020

The ceremony of handing over identification notes to the heroes' families was attended by the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Jarosław Szarek Ph.D.

The IPN's portal on September 1939

What happened in September 1939? Was it possible to avoid the outbreak of war? Could it have ended sooner?

"This is where 'Solidarity' was born" exhibition in Warsaw

The "This is where 'Solidarity' was born" exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the founding of “Solidarity” will have its official opening in Warsaw’s Piłsudski Square on 28 August 2020 at noon.





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