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The videos made by the IPN Office of International Cooperation won the first prize at the XVII Fate of Poles Festival

We are pleased to announce that the Institute of National Remembrance won the first prize in the multimedia category for two videos produced by the IPN’s Office of International Cooperation headed by the Director Agnieszka Jędrzak.

The Fate of Poles Festival is a review of multimedia activities in the field of film, television, radio, and the Internet. The purpose of the festival is to promote Polish history, culture, traditions, as well as contemporary Poland among audiences in our country and Polish communities around the world.

The award and the diploma were presented to the IPN’s representatives, Joanna Kumor, Head of the Division of International Relations, and Sławomir Bardski at the festival’s gala held on 5 November 2022, in Warsaw. We cordially appreciate this award and recognition.

The IPN’s Office of International Cooperation submitted video productions made in the years 2021—2022. The awarded films were „The Opening of the Renovated Polish Cemetery in Rusape, Zimbabwe and The „President of the IPN on International Holocaust Remembrance Day”. Both videos were published on our website as well as on the social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The following IPN films were also nominated for the awards:

To save from oblivion - the Treblinka I german forced labour camp

IPN mission

The commemoration of the victims of Aktion Reinhardt

The Institute of National Remembrance Publishing House goes international

Home Army Girls – campaign: Poland, I’m in Love

„Trails of Hope”. The Odyssey of Freedom” in Africa


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