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3rd edition of the "Echoes of Katyn" on-line International Film Festival on Totalitarianisms, 5—9 April 2022

In this edition we are once again meeting in the formula ON-LINE. Check out the repertoire and register at totalitaryzmy.pl

In this edition we are once again meeting in the formula ON-LINE. Check out the repertoire and register at totalitaryzmy.pl

The world is still full of ideologies that can turn into totalitarianisms. The recent events have proven that totalitarianism is not an element of the past but it’s very much part of the present day lives of many people.

The experiences of ordinary people often inspire filmmakers. In this way, the fate of entire generations is saved from oblivion and is a warning for now and for the future.

This year we are presenting more than 20 selected films from all over the world related to this terrible theme. Many of the screenplays tell the story of extraordinary events known only to a few.

Totalitarianism, associated mainly with a social system is, above all, the fate of people like us. It is the ever-increasing violence and the fight of the system against those who want to preserve their freedom and dignity.

Totalitarianism is a clockwork powered by fear and terror. By overcoming fear, standing in the truth and making a free choice, the individual can resist and contribute to the downfall of the cruel system. Only free men can overcome a totalitarian regime.

Totalitarianism has had a great impact on the history of Poland. That's why we have created a forum in which we will be able to look into and discuss issues related to numerous aspects of the functioning of totalitarian systems. We use images to raise awareness about the mechanisms of violence and discrimination.

In 2020, on the 80th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, the Institute of National Remembrance inaugurated an international film festival under a meaningful name "Echoes of Katyn".

After the success of the previous editions and the growing interest in the subject matter of the festival, we are continuing our work by presenting new and interesting films. We also invite you to learn about the accompanying events.

We have invited filmmakers of various genres from all over the world to participate in our festival. We have selected the best award-winning films, their high level of artistic sensitivity and interesting content meant to be a contribution to the discussion on the problem of the totalitarianism. Many of them are Polish premieres.


For more details visit totalitaryzmy.pl

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Spokesperson: Rafał Leśkiewicz, Ph.D.

Phone: +48 602 322 362

e-mail: rzecznik@ipn.gov.pl

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