European Remembrance Symposium, Budapest, 24-26 May 2016

: Inga Budweil
Publication date 24.06.2016

  • European Rememberance 2016
    European Rememberance 2016
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The 5th edition of European Remembrance Symposium organised by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity in Budapest opened with lectures concentrated on the title of the Symposium – 1956. Contexts, Impact, Remembrance. Dr. Łukasz Kamiński – the President of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, Dr. Réka Földváryné Kiss, the President of the Hungarian Committee of National Remembrance, and professor Matthias Weber – director of the Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe and the ENRS German coordinator, discussed 1956 as a turning point of Eastern European history with strong consequences for future events.

Attended by over 200 representatives of institutions dealing with the history of the 20th century from almost 30 countries, the Symposium is dedicated to the memory of the year 1956, its Hungarian, Polish and European contexts, impact and remembrance.

The event takes place in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the memorable and impressive 150 – year old building which has witnessed most tragic events and turmoil in Hungarian history.

During the three-day conference historians and representatives of institutions and organisations from almost 30 countries took part in lectures, discussions on the perception connected with the year 1956 and its remembrance. Furthermore, as a platform for networking, several institution organized workshops. The IPN's workshop on Centre for Information on the Victims of World War II  by Mr. Jacek Ryżko met with great interest.

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