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The IPN's statement on the words of Congressman Steve Cohen

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Poland was the first country to offer armed resistance to the German Reich, and the Polish state and army fought against Germany throughout the war as one of the Allies. In the years 1939-1945, the whole of Poland’s territory was under hostile totalitarian occupation - and it is there that the German occupant, against the will of the Polish state and in violation of international law, built a network of concentration and death camps.

Among the victims of the criminal policy of the German occupant were millions of Polish citizens, both Jews and Poles.  

German Auschwitz and Birkenau camps saw the murder of huge numbers of Polish and European Jews, but the second-largest victim group were Poles.

Whether through historical ignorance or deliberate manipulation, people like Steve Cohen distort the truth about Adolf Hitler’s crimes and insult all victims of the German occupation, including Jews and Poles.

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