Polish People’s Republic – so far away and so close by.

The exhibition - „Polish People’s Republic – so far away and so close by” was prepared by the Institute’s Public Education Office and PEO Branch Office in Warsaw. The opening ceremony took place on September 16, 2004 in Kraków at the XVII General Congress of Polish Historians.
The main idea of the authors was to show the 45 years of Polish People’s Republic (1944-1989) by means of photos which depict most significant events of the successive years of the period. Political events such as the very beginning of PZPR (Polish United Workers’ Party), liquidation of the armed underground movement, December 1970, Martial Law as well as economic and cultural events (rebuilding of Warsaw, erection of Nowa Huta, Opole Song Festival, book fairs) are depited on the photos.
The authors reduced the textual comments, and focused on the photographic illustration.
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