The IPN's NextStopHistory website is one year old

It’s been a full year since NextStopHistory, the IPN’s website dedicated to promoting Polish history both at home and abroad, was launched. It’s time for its review and overview.



It had taken months of hard work before everything was ready to go online, and since then, the editors have been just as busy to keep the website up to date, interesting and growing – in terms of the variety of items offered, topics covered, and the pool of contributors.   

The bulk of the content is articles. NextStopHistory started out with 400 of them, but has tripled that number in the past year. What’s important for history enthusiasts from abroad, we keep expanding our English-language-story section, which is over a hundred strong.

The website is also a vehicle for promoting the work of the Institute’s historians – their insightful and gap-filling analyses of Poland’s recent history – in the world. The "Digital Library" section boasts nearly 800 publications, including books, journals and magazine inserts.

The multi-media featured is another thing the editors take pride in. They are 1,500 video and audio files produced by the IPN or in cooperation with TV and radio networks. Among them are online history lessons, in which experts explain complicated issues in layman’s terms.

All of the above have been interlinked, displayed and arranged around a spine called timeline. The timeline of Polish history comprises 3,400 entries, which make navigating through the twists and turns of the 20th century and the website’s rich content much easier.

The English-language content has a little bit of everything, and is growing in line with the offer for the speakers of Polish – because just as the website is part of the World Wide Web, Poland’s history is part of the world’s, and these two are equally linked, tied and interwined.



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