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"Custodian of National Memory" Prize 2012

This year's winners
Tomasz Nałęcz congratulated the winners on behalf of Bronislaw Komorowski, the President of Poland.
In the words of welcome the President of IPN said, "This award is one of the finest legacies left by Janusz Kurtyka". In the photograph: Zuzanna  Kurtyka, widow of the late IPN President and his son Paweł.
Sam Bryan, the son of legendary photographer Julien Bryan said that as an American he is very sorry for the words of President Obama about a Polish death camp. At the end of his speech he put a red and white cap and shouted "Go Poland".
Zygmunt Goławski from Siedlce (on the right) said that all his life he was a free man, that is why he could afford the fight against communism. “I was also free in prison” - he said.
Urszula Łukomska, a teacher from Złoczew created the House of Memory, in which she has collected materials related to the tragic fate of the city in 1939.
A German historian Dieter Schenk (on the left), which is said to be a great friend of Poland and Polish people: “Sons and daughters of the Gdansk post-officers opened my eyes” - said about the sources of his, not only, academic choices and interests.
Alexander Guryanov accepted the prize for the Russian “Memorial” Society from the hands of the IPN President.
More than one hundred distinguished guests  gathered at the hall of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Among them were the winners from previous years.
The "Custodian of National Memory" statuettes

With the Decision of the Jury of the "Custodian of National Memory" Prize in 2012 the winners of the award are:

  • Julien Bryan
  • Urszula Łukomska
  • Zygmunt Goławski
  • Dieter Schenk
  • „Memorial” Society

Julien Bryan, Urszula Łukomska, Zygmunt Goławski, Dieter Schenk and "Memorial" Society - these are this year's winners of the "Custodian of National Memory" Prize. During the gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Lukasz Kaminski, the President of IPN, presented statuettes to individuals and organizations for the outstanding contribution in preserving the recent Polish history. Awarding a German historian and a Russian association had a symbolic significance.

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