The IPN's "Generations of Freedom" exhibition

"Generations of Freedom" – is an exhibition prepared by the Institute of National Remembrance devoted to five families and their fight for the freedom of their Homeland. It was officially opened by Jarosław Szarek, Ph.D., the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, and Ziemowit Koźmiński, Deputy Director for Scientific Matters at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on 29 July 2020

The opening of the "Generations of Freedom" exhibition - Warsaw, 29 July 2020


The Battle of Warsaw 1920 – Katyń 1940 – "Solidarity"1980 – these are the stages countless Polish families had to go through in their struggle for independence, a struggle filled with death and defeat but also triumph and glory. Through the prism of the fate of the Gwoździewicz, Lazarowicz, Kulesza, Magierski and Majdzik families, the exhibition portrays the yearning for freedom and independence passed on from generation to generation. In the 20th century, three generations of Poles went down in Poland’s history. The first one won the independence of the Homeland and then defended it against the Bolshevik invasion in August 1920. The second – bravely took part in World War II and later joined the resistance movement against communist enslavement. The third was the generation of “Solidarity”, the protests of 1966, 1968, 1970, 1976 and 1979, and  the great national awakening of 1980 resulting in overthrowing communism and the  rebirth of Poland.









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The exhibition was prepared by the IPN’s National Education Office. It will be displayed in the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw until 4 October 2020.









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