Symbols of remembrance

On the occasion of the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland, celebrated on 2 May, the Institute of National Remembrance has launched a campaign presenting Polish symbols associated with the fate of Poland and Poles in the 20th century.

For several years, as part of educational campaigns, the Institute of National Remembrance has been issuing symbols of remembrance - special commemorative badges referring to the most important events and figures from Poland’s recent history.

The "For loyal service" in the First Brigade of Józef Piłsudski pin, the emblem of Fighting Poland, the Katyn button or the gorget belonging to Lieutenant Franciszek Majewski alias "Słony", to enumerate  just a few symbols through which the Institute of National Remembrance reminds us of the struggle and fights for Polish independence.

Each pin tells its own story about heroism, patriotism and the sacrifice of heroes devoted to the Polish cause.

The campaign is being held on social media profiles and the IPN’s website, as well as on the Przystanek Historia portal, where we present selected pins and their stories.

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