Institute of National Remembrance Review” 1/2019

”Institute of National Remembrance Review” 1/2019, Warszawa 2019, 376 s., ISSN: 2658-1566


The theme of the first issue of the annual "Institute of National Remembrance Review" are topics related to the historical policy of the countries of the former Soviet bloc after 1989. The issue of de-communization and dealing with the communist legacy in the public sphere - educational, spatial, mental and cultural - is a challenge for all countries previously functioning behind the Iron Curtain.


Due to local conditions and the specifics of particular countries, the process of coming to terms with the communist heritage is proceeding at varying speed and intensity. The editors of the "Institute of National Remembrance Review" wanted to present - through a selection of articles by authors from different countries - a model of conducting remembrance policies in their local variations.

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