The "Oaks of Remembrance in My Area" competition. Create a video and save one of our Heroes from oblivion.

The goal of the "Oaks of Remembrance in My Area" competition is for students to find out more about and popularize the biographies of Polish officers, policemen and officers of other services - victims of the Katyn Massacre, who are listed in the "Katyn ... Save them from Oblivion" Program.

The project is addressed to secondary school students (7th and 8th graders). The competition is organized on the occasion of this year’s 80th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre.

To take part  in the competition:


1.Read the rules of the competition.

2.Choose one of the heroes from the "Katyn ... Save them from oblivion" Program

3.Gather as much information as possible about the hero (e.g. photos, accounts and memories of loved ones,historical information).

4. Record a video (max. 10 minutes) presenting the biography of your chosen hero.

The deadline for submitting the videos has been postponed. We will inform you about the new date at: and on social media

Coordinator: Agnieszka Skura,, phone: 81 53 63 458

The competition is organized by the Institute of National Remembrance, Lublin Branch and the Katyn Family Association, Lublin.

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