Call for Papers: Information on the number 37 of "Memory and Justice" (sending articles by June 15, 2020)

As a result of World War II in 1945, Europe was divided into two parts: the west and the countries under the domination of the Soviet Union, or how it was assumed to be behind the "iron curtain". The editors of "Remembrance and Justice" decided to devote the 37th issue of the magazine to the broadly understood situation of Churches and religious associations in the European countries of the Eastern Bloc in the years 1945-1991. We will try to look for similarities and differences between their activities, religious policy of the authorities, and the situation of the followers of particular Churches. We are interested in how churches and religious associations found themselves in the realities of functioning in an extremely hostile political environment, in countries whose ideological assumption was to fight with every religion.

Topics of uploaded texts may relate to:

  • the internal situation of individual Churches and religious associations
  • religious policy of the Eastern Bloc countries
  • position and attitudes of the church hierarchy
  • position and attitudes of the clergy and the faithful
  • position and attitude of individual Churches and religious associations to the activities of the political opposition
  • important events in the internal life of the Churches
  • relations between individual Churches and religious associations
  • activities of the Holy See in the countries of the Eastern Bloc and its attitude to the Soviet Union.

The editors of the "Memory and Justice" magazine invite you to submit articles within the above-mentioned issues. We are waiting for texts until June 15, 2020. The issue of magazine No. 37 is planned for the first half of 2021.

We publish articles in Polish and in the congressional languages: English, French, German and French. The limit of the volume of texts is 80 thousand. marks for articles and source materials, and 40,000 marks for reviews and reports. Please send your texts to the address:

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