The President of the IPN, Dr Jarosław Szarek, took part in the celebrations of the Polish National Independence Day organized by the Polish Community in the USA - November 9-11, 2019

- Poles in the United States played a significant role in Poland regaining its independence – over 20,000 volunteers in the Blue Army and the activities of Ignacy Paderewski can serve as examples- emphasized the President of the Institute of National Remembrance during his visit to the United States.

During the visit to the USA, the IPN’s representatives took part in talks with Sara Bloomfield, the Director of the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, and David S. Ferriero, Director of the United States National Archives (NARA).



 - NARA Director David Ferriero assured that the U.S National Archives will full support and aid the employees of the Institute of National Remembrance who will come to Washington in January 2020. We are particularly interested in documents related to the Second World War, among them those connected with the staffing of German concentration camps and those from the times of the communist regime in Poland - said the President of the Institute of National Remembrance. Further future cooperation was planned. Director Bloomfield provided support in establishing IPN’s cooperation with NARA. Piotr Wilczek, the Polish Ambassador to the US, also met with the IPN delegation during their stay.



On Saturday, 9 November 2019 in Detroit, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Dr Jarosław Szarek, opened the IPN exhibition "Fathers of Independence", prepared on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. The ceremony took place at the Polish Mission on the campus of Orchard Lake Schools. The exhibition was jointly opened by: Dr Jarosław Szarek, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Dr Arkadiusz Górecki, the Director of the Polish Mission; Ryszard Walabender, Honorary Consul of Detroit-Michigan; father Artur Żaba, the vice chancellor and Henrietta Nowakowski, the daughter of one of the soldiers of general Haller’s Blue Army. Thanks to the efforts of the Director of the Polish Mission in Orchard Lake, the opening of the exhibition was possible exactly two days before Independence Day.

The Polish Community in America had the opportunity to refresh the memory not only of the figures of the Fathers of Independence, but also the Commander of the Polish Army in France - General Haller. It is the daughter of the Blue Army soldier Henrietta Nowakowski, who has been looking after the graves of soldiers at the Holy Sepulchure Southfield Cemetery in Michigan. Henrietta Nowakowski’s parents were both active members of the Polish Army Veterans Association. Mrs. Henrietta was fighting a lonely battle to have military quarters created at the cemetery , but as President Szarek said, "from now on, Ms. Henrietta is no longer alone because she will be supported by the Institute of National Remembrance, which will finance the building of the quarters next year."




The IPN Archive has been cooperating with the Central Archives of the Polish Community in Orchad Lake for a year. Our archivists will help organize, develop and digitize the collections selected by the Director of the Polish Mission Arkadiusz Górecki. During his visit to Orchard Lake, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance also met with participants of the Congress of the Coalition of Polish Americans and its President Stanisław Śliwowski.

During the visit to the USA, on 10 November, the delegation of the Institute of National Remembrance also took part in the celebrations on the occasion of Poland regaining its independence taking place in Chicago, where a Mass was celebrated, a special performance and meeting were organized at the parish of St. Stanisław Kostka.

After the Mass in the church Of the Holy Trinity, the IPN delegation took part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Polish Scouting Association in Chicago. Representatives of the next generation of Polish scouts gathered at the Polish Museum. - Thanks to the tremendous effort on behalf of the Polish Scouting Association in Chicago, yet another generation of Poles eager to serve God and the Homeland is being raised. Thank you for this much needed work - emphasized the President of the Institute of National Remembrance during the celebrations.



In the church of St. Stanisław Kostka - together with the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Chicago Piotr Semeniuk – the IPN representatives laid a wreath under a plaque commemorating 842 volunteers who set off from this city to join the Blue Army. The Institute of National Remembrance will renew this historic plaque, founded in the 1920s by our countrymen.




On the day of Poland’s most important national holiday -11 November, the IPN delegation participated in the celebrations at the Józef Piłsudski Institute of America in New York. Dr Szarek gave a lecture on Marshal Józef Piłsudski and the activities of the former Piłsudki’s soldiers in the anti-communist resistance of the Polish People’s Republic.


 In his speech, the President of the Institute of National Remembrance emphasized: - Józef Piłsudski is a symbol of independence. The communists, depriving us of independence, did everything they could to destroy this symbol. They did not hesitate to murder people like Colonel Wacław Lipiński. They repressed the soldiers of the Polish Legions, the soldiers of 1920. They did not stop until the end of their days. All memory was erased, books were removed from libraries, the names of squares and streets were changed, monuments were demolished, and the Piłsudski's Mound was destroyed. The activities of the communists proved to be unsuccessful, in the 70s another young generation reached for this tradition despite the repression of the security services, they printed leaflets, organized Masses and anniversaries. The fruit of this activity was August 1980 and "Solidarity". With the restoration of the memory of the Legions, of Józef Piłsudski, and of the victory of 1920- free and independent Poland returned.


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