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The 2nd edition of the IPN’s educational project ”Polish Eastern Borderlands in the 20th century”

The Institute of National Remembrance is inviting schoolchildren to take part in a nationwide educational project entitled ”Polish Eastern Borderlands in the 20th century.”

The project is aimed at broadening the students’ knowledge of the history of the Polish Eastern Borderlands of the First and Second Polish Republic. One of the most important aspects of this project is to reinforce empathy towards Poles now living beyond our current eastern border and raising awareness of the fact that they are still part of our homeland.

The participants of the project will have the opportunity to participate in scientific and educational sessions, and workshops during which lectures or film screenings will bepresented.

The most important part of the project is a historical knowledge competition. The participants will be asked to prepare an  essay or multimedia presentation ona chosen topic – based on available literature, collected documents, memories and iconographic material. The main prize in the competition is an educational trip to the Borderlands in September 2020.


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