Call for Papers: Information on the number 36 of "Memory and Justice" (sending articles by January 15, 2020)

After Yalta agreements and the victorious march of Red Army to Berlin, all the countries of Central Eastern Europe fell under the influence of the Soviet Union. Some of them were allies of the Third Reich, other were under Nazi occupation as they fought against it.

Stalin aspired to take full control over those countries so that began the process of taking power by communist parties as well as the marginalization of other political parties by means of terror and propaganda. 

We would like to find the similarities and differences between the processes the processes of the taking over power by communist parties in each of these countries in 1944-1948. It should be emphasised that the reference point to our consideration will be communist parties, their internal situation, relations with other political entities, and finally, the ways they take over the power. 

Topics may address (but are not limited to) the following aspects:

  • What was an actual influence of communist parties on the socjety and what was their position on the political scene after the end of World War II and the entering of Red Army?,
  • The development of the Party membership and the influence of communist parties after 1944/45,
  • Changes in tactics and political strategy on the road to power,
  • Internal divisions and fractions within the Party,
  • Relations with other communist parties in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • Communist parties in parliamentary elections,
  • - Eradication of the opposition,
  • The degree of dependence on Moscow,
  • Influences in the government, security apparatus and army,
  • The ways and circumstances of taking over the power,
  • The founding myths.

The editors of "Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość" invites you to submit articles falling within the framework of the above-mentioned issues. We wait for the texts until January 15, 2020. Publication number 36 of the journal is planned for the second half of 2020.

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