Promotion of Bogusław Kopka’s book „Konzentrationslager Warschau. History and Consequences”, 27 September, 2007

On September 27th, 2007, Institute of National Remembrance promoted its latest book „Konzentrationslager Warschau. History and Consequences” by Bogusław Kopka.
The book comprises two volumes: a study and an appendix (documents and illustrations). The study is aimed at describing and trying to systematise the new findings in the matter of KL Warschau, outlining the historical background and presentation of the most crucial documents. Those documents are derived from records of inquiry by a public prosecutor who is relevant to the matter of the Holocaust that took place from 1943 to 1944 in a Nazi concentration camp in Warsaw.
Professor Tomasz Szarota, historian of Polish Academy of Sciences, writer Marek Nowakowski as well as Bogusław Kopka participated in the promotion.
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