The seventh edition of the IPN’s History Point in New York dedicated to World War II ended on 29 September 2019.The IPN’s educators will now begin meetings and classes in Chicago.

On 24 September, a lecture given by Grzegorz Nawrot - "The Hitler-Stalin Pact from the Perspective of the 80th Anniversary of its signing” inaugurated the 7th edition of the IPN’s History Point at the Józef Piłsudski Institute in New York. On 25 September, courtesy of Anna Tracz, IPN educators once again conducted classes with students of the Polish Language Academy in Manchester. The history lessons proved to be very popular with children and young people who took part in them.

The next point of the visit was the Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark. The meeting was preceded by the official opening of IPN exhibitions - "Siege of Warsaw 1939" and "September 1939", which have been placed outside the entrance to the Foundation building. The exhibitions will be available to visitors for the next few weeks. On Friday, our employees conducted classes based on the educational puzzle "IV Partition of Poland" at the Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark.

On 28 September, at the Polish School by the Polish Consulate in New York, the IPN’s educators conducted workshops for teachers of Polish history on "The use of educational games and maps of the Institute of National Remembrance in the didactic process - practical advice". On Sunday IPN representatives met with the Polish community in New York.

From 1 October, the meetings with IPN’s educators will be held as part of the Institute’s History Point in Chicago. The program includes visits to radio "Deon", Polish FM" and Polvision TV. The IPN representatives will also visit the Polish Museum and the Holocaust Museum in Chicago as well as various memorial sites related to the history of Poland. Our educators have planned meetings and workshops with teachers from the Association of Polish Teachers in America and the Polish community. Most importantly, our staff will conduct classes for children and teenagers at numerous schools within the area.

Photos: The "Memory" Association in New York



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