The funeral ceremony for the victims of communist crimes took place on lot “Ł” of the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw – 22 September 2019

22 heroes fighting for a free Poland, murdered by the communist authorities in the Mokotów prison in Warsaw, were buried on lot “Ł” of the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw. The funeral ceremony took place on 22 September 2019. The ceremony began with a Holy Mass in the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army and was celebrated by the Bishop of the Polish Army.

After the takeover of power by the communists in post-war Poland, with the support of the Soviet army, the authorities began to build an apparatus of repression aimed at maintaining governance as well as the liquidation of any form of political or armed opposition. Oppressive law, which provided for the death penalty in several dozen cases, was a tool for the effective elimination of both alleged and real enemies of the system. The law did not serve as an indicator of the norms governing social life but was used to eliminate opponents of the system. In 1946–54 several thousand death sentences were passed in Poland, the majority of which were carried out. A total number of executed, killed in action and tortured during investigation is estimated at 50 thousand people. The characteristic feature of these types of political murders was hiding the bodies of the victims in unknown locations.

As a result of the work of the Institute of National Remembrance on lot “Ł” of the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw in the years 2012–2017, the remains of about 300 people were revealed. So far 71 of them have been identified. The previous funeral ceremony, during which 35 identified victims were given a proper burial took place on 27 September 2015.


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