Representatives of the War Archives in Vienna at the IPN Archive

On 9 September, upon the invitation of the President of the IPN Dr Jarosław Szarek, representatives of the War Archives in Vienna visited the Archive of the Institute of National Remembrance. The meeting took place as part of a study visit organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Institute in Vienna and the Polish Press Agency S.A.

The guests from Austria were welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Archive, Dr Mariusz Żuławnik, who familiarized them with the resources and main tasks of the Archive.

The delegation also visited the Document Conservation Workshop, where they had the opportunity to see copies of “Dziennik Związkowy”- one of the oldest archival materials among the resources of the IPN. At the end of the visit, our guests were shown the Military Files Warehouse and learned about the types of documentation collected there.


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