The representatives of Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee (CIPAS) from Taiwan visited the Institute of National Remembrance, 21 May 2019.

The Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee (CIPAS) from Taiwan paid a visit to the Institute of National Remembrance on 21 May to discuss the Polish perspective on transitional justice, and to learn more about how Poland has dealt with transitional justice issues after former totalitarian regimes. 

The members of the delegation included: Chairperson Lin Feng-Jenq, Dr. Lin Chia-Ho, Commissioner Sun, Pin, and Mr. Wu Jin-An. The Institute was represented by prosecutor Robert Kopydłowski (Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation), prosecutor Edyta Karolak (IPN Vetting Office), Dr Marek Hańderek (Historical Research Office) and Agnieszka Jędrzak (Office of the President and Social Communication).

The Committee members met with representatives of the Investigative and Vetting Departments of the Institute, they discussed ongoing research projects of the IPN’s Historical Research Office as well as international undertakings and initiatives. They were particularly interested in topics such as the strengthening of the democratic system, protection of human rights, and the methods of dealing with assets accumulated during periods of authoritarian or totalitarian rule.

The Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee (CIPAS), is a Taiwan government committee. It was established under the authority of the Statute for the Handling of Ill-gotten Assets by Political Parties and Their Affiliate Organizations, which was passed by Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (Taiwan’s parliament) on 25 July 2016. Under the authority of the Act, CIPAS is authorized to handle the problem of the political party’s ill-gotten assets obtained by the former authoritarian regime.

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