TRIDUUM HISTORICUM – beginning of the end or beginning of the ‘new world’? Cycle of three international conferences held by the Wrocław Branch of the Institute of National Remembrance (applications until 31 May 2019) The 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war and 30th anniversary of the revolutionary year of 1989 encourage reflections and summations both concerning the status of historical knowledge and the collective memory of societies about their past, as well as the undertaking of an attempt to extend research horizons by related fields: sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology, and also by the perspectives and perception of the war and post-war reality of neighbouring countries and the specifics of the Lower Silesia.

Wrocław, 9-13 September 2019

  1. Conference ‘YEAR 1939 Memory-History-Utopia’

    This interdisciplinary conference is aimed at reviewing in a broader context the issue of the historical memory and awareness of societies, showing the mechanisms of remembering historical experiences and their effect on the contemporary image of national history, on the one hand, and on the psychological consequences of national traumas manifested in both the national and individual awareness of various nations and influencing contemporary social phenomena, on the other. The purpose of the conference is to conduct a kind of diagnosis regarding the historical awareness of contemporary society and to indicate directions of memorializing and developing this awareness.

    The year of 1939 would be a symbolic date, a metaphorical dividing line indicating the end of the ‘old’ and beginning of the ‘new world’.

    Person responsible and organizer: Agnieszka Klarman

    71 3269742


  2. Conference ‘<< Heart of darkness >> - second world war in Central and Eastern Europe’


    The goal of this conference is to present as broadly as possible the issue regarding the progress of the 2nd world war in the area of the Central and Eastern Europe. Apart from the review of military issues, it will be extremely valuable to look also at the social and economic context of the conflict and choosing this part of the Old Continent as the place of Holocaust. The topics raised during the Conference will include the occupation policies of the Nazi and Soviet regimes, taking into consideration both resistance against it and the phenomena of collaboration, as well as the economic dimension of the conflict. Another purpose of the event will be an attempt to answer the question of how the second world war changed the societies of Central and Eastern Europe, and to analyse the various attitudes of groups and individuals during the years of the conflict.


    The main topics of the conference:

    - military actions

    - occupying regimes

    - resistance and collaboration

    - society and economy in the conditions of war

    - the Holocaust

    Person responsible and organizer: Kamil Frączkiewicz

    71 3269741


  3. Conference Lower Silesia 1939-1989. Changes, specific features, identity.

    This conference is aimed at presenting the uniqueness of Lower Silesia compared to the rest of the country during transformations which took place in this region in the discussed period by showing differences, emphasizing its specific features and local conditions, and on the other hand also finding similarities and common elements with other regions. The purpose of the conference is an attempt to answer the question of whether a kind of ‘Lower Silesian identity’ appeared during this time and whether we can now talk about such a term.

    The conference will be held in the form of discussion panels.

    Person responsible and organizer: Krzysztof Kupeć

    71 3269768

The conference will take place on 9-13 September 2019 in Wrocław.

Language of the conference: Polish, English, German

The organizers will ensure simultaneous translation. It is assumed that each presentation will last 20 minutes. We do not charge any conference fee; the organizers provide accommodation and meals. We anticipate publication of articles in the reviewed volume of studies.

Please send your application to the email address:;; before 31 May 2019 [FORM - link] The organizers reserve to themselves the right to select the submitted topics of presentations.

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