Professor Krzysztof Szwagrzyk at a meeting with the Polish community in Stavanger in Norway – 30 March 2019

On 30 March 2019 a meeting in connection with 1 March - the Day of Remembrance of Cursed Soldiers took place in Stavanger. The patronage over this initiative was held by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Oslo, Iwona Woicka-Żuławska.

The ceremony was opened with a speech delivered by the Head of the Political and Economic Department of the Polish Embassy in Norway, Mr. Marian Siemakowicz, who stressed the historical context of Polish-Norwegian relations related to the hundred-year anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

Prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, Deputy President of the Institute of National Remembrance, who gave a lecture entitled "The mission and purpose of the Office of Search and Identification", was invited by the “Patrioci w Stavanger” organization to take part in the event. Professor Szwagrzyk discussed the specifics of the work of the IPN Office for the Search and Identification in Poland and abroad, he presented the profiles of the participants of the anti-communist uprising and the search for their remains. Prof. Szwagrzyk also talked about the effort and commitment of the IPN staff and volunteers in finding the burial places of the Cursed Soldiers. He also presented the course of searching for burial sites of people who lost their lives as a result of the struggle against the imposed totalitarian regime or as a result of repressions or ethnic cleansing in 1917-1990.

The second was delivered by Dr Bogdan Rowiński, the President of the Board of the "The Silent Unseen paratroopers of the Home Army" Foundation. He outlined the activities of the foundation, presented the details of the parachuting missions into occupied Poland and the operations carried out in Norway during the German occupation as well as the story of the crash of the "Halifax" with the entire crew and Silent and Unseen soldiers on board. 

Prof. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk's  lecture was complemented by a photo exhibition prepared by the Institute of National Remembrance entitled "We are not a gang. We are from Polish towns and cities.5 Wilno Brigade of the Home Army in Pomerania " on the Cursed and Silent and Unseen soldiers. Dr Bogdan Rowiński's lecture was accompanied by the "Interrupted flight of the Halifax" exhibition.


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