IPN's History Point in London, 30 March 2019

The Institute of National Remembrance Branch Office in Gdańsk has prepared interesting and educational activities and a lecture dedicated to Anna Walentynowicz.

As part of the ‘History Point’ in London, on 30 March, educators from the Gdańsk Branch of the Institute of National Remembrance, Dr Barbara Męczykowska and Arkadiusz Kazański, will conduct classes at the Janusz Korczak Polish Saturday School in Gravesend.                                                                                                                                   

The youngest students will have the opportunity to learn about the story of Baśka Murmańska, and the older ones are going to play the IPN game "Miś Wojtek". The oldest students will find out more about “Solidarity”.

A lecture by Arkadiusz Kazański, dedicated to Anna Walentynowicz, entitled "The legend of Solidarity - 1929-2010” will take place at the Polish Hearth at 5 p.m. on 30 March.

The History Points of the Institute of National Remembrance outside of Poland are special places - they are the result of effective cooperation between Polish communities abroad and the Institute of National Remembrance. During regular meetings with compatriots, we reflect upon and discuss the history of Poland in the 20th century as part of lectures, open meetings, book presentations and IPN exhibitions. Lessons and workshops for students and teachers, disseminating knowledge about the history of Poland and presenting the Institute's activities are all part of the IPN History Point project.




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