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24 March - The screening of “Passport to Paraguay” in English

On the occasion of the National Remembrance Day to Honour Poles who Saved Jews during World War II, the Institute of National Remembrance would like to invite all foreigners who are interested in the history of Poland to watch the screening of “Passports to Paraguay” in English. “Passports to Paraguay” is a documentary on Poles who saved Jews during World War II, written and directed by Robert Kaczmarek.

Admission is free. Tickets can be collected at the ticket office of the Muranów cinema. The number of seats is limited.

A meeting with our special guest Markus Blechner — The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland to Zurich will take place after the screening of the film.

24 March 2019 at 4 p.m.  the Muranów Cinema, Andersa 5 str., Warsaw

The film presents events concerning the participation of Polish diplomacy in rescuing Jews during World War II and forgotten Polish-Jewish cooperation against Nazi Germany. In 1942—1943, an informal group of Polish diplomats and activists of Jewish organizations worked together to obtain passports of South American countries for Jewish people imprisoned in ghettos by the Nazi German occupants of Poland and other European countries.

Thanks to these documents, many Jews avoided deportation to German death camps. The holders of such passports were sent to internment camps in Germany (Tittmoning, Liebenau, Bölsenberg) and to occupied France (Vittel) instead. Unfortunately, not many of the people saved thanks to the Polish diplomats survived the war and it is often the case that families of the survivors only now find out to whom their relatives owed their lives.


The secret group working at the Polish legation in Bern included: Aleksander Ładoś, Konstanty Rokicki, Stefan Jan Ryniewicz, Juliusz Kühl and on the part of Jewish organizations—Adolf H. Silberschein and Chaim Eiss.


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