The Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) hereby announces the sixth edition of the international „Witness of History" award.

This is an honorary distinction established in March 2009 by ordinance of the IPN's President and conferred by the Institute. It is granted to individuals and organisations in recognition of their outstanding contribution to commemorating the history of the Polish Nation and supporting the IPN in its statutory activities in the field of education and research. The laureates coming from Poland comprise a large group of combatants, teachers, social activists and local government officials. Since 2014, by decision of the President of the Institute, the award may also be granted to persons active abroad.


Nominations are welcomed for individuals and institutions active outside Poland and especially involved in cultivating Polish historical memory, committed to preserving, promoting and enhancing the knowledge of the recent history of our country, and to uncovering forgotten facts and persons who have rendered great services to the Polish Nation. Posthumous decoration may also be requested.

The description (up to three pages long) should include actions aimed at cultivating historical remembrance of Poland and Poles outside our country and supporting the IPN in its activity in the field of education, research and publishing (e.g. collecting relics related to our history, searching for, collecting and archiving documents regarding it, taking care for cemeteries or memorials, projects promoting the modern history of Poland, etc.). Pursuant to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance of 18/12/1998, the activity of the IPN focuses solely on modern Polish history, i.e. events from 8th November 1917 to 31st July 1990. Therefore, the award is given for actions related to that period.

Award proposal should include: information about the candidate, a description of the merits that may constitute ground for granting the distinction, and copies of any documents certifying the candidate's achievements that are available to the applicant. The proposal should include a statement of consent by the nominee (not applicable to candidates proposed posthumously). Proposals should be made exclusively in writing and sent no later than 31 May 2020  (as per postmark) to the following address:

Instytut Pamięci Narodowej

Biuro Edukacji Narodowej
ul. Wołoska 7
02-675 Warszawa

(BEN „Świadek Historii”)

In matters related to the award one may also contact Katarzyna Miśkiewicz via e-mail at:


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