Classes for students of Polish schools in Germany on the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence

At the invitation of "Rycheza" Cultural and Educational Association, employees of the National Education Office conducted a workshop for students of Polish schools in Germany. It took place at the Concordia Center (Herdorf-Dermbach) on 6-7 October 2018.

Children and young people learnt about the Polish paths to being restored on the world map in 1918. The workshop also included information about the Fathers of Independence and their role in the revival of the Polish state. Apart from the heroes from the first pages of the newspapers, other important figures were mentioned, who before 1939 were awarded with the Cross or Medal of Independence for fighting for their homeland. During the workshop the educators used materials and work of the laureates of the first edition of the nationwide competition "The Unconquered 1918-2018. The Independence Generation."

The trip was a part of the Polish Community Program of the IPN’s National Education Office, which is conducted since 2006. The purpose of the Polish Community Program is to popularize knowledge about the recent history of Poland among Poles and Polish Community outside the country. This statutory task is implemented by the National Education Office by providing education materials, producing exhibitions, organizing competitions and educational projects free of charge, as well as visiting Polish community institutions around the world. IPN’s History Points are also an important element of this program. Employees of the Institute of National Remembrance appear there cyclically. History Points operate in Vilnius, Grodno, Zaolzie, Brussels, Chicago and New York, among others.



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