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The #myindependent educational package

The purpose of the # myindependent educational package prepared by the IPN Branch Office in Szczecin is to provide teachers with basic materials for conducting innovative lessons related to the subject of Poland regaining its independence. The contents of the package will allow you to prepare at least a few lessons aimed at various age groups based on the attached materials. These are tools which teachers will be able to use repeatedly, in various ways. On the one hand, teachers can make use of the ready-made solutions contained in the attached lesson plans, on the other, they can construct their own lesson scenarios depending on their creativity. The package is intended to meet the needs of teachers, trainers and educators, providing attractive and innovative tools which can be used in numerous ways.


The content of the package:

1. A DVD portraying:

  • “The Fathers of Independence” exhibition,

  • Lesson plans connected to the exhibition

  • “The Fathers of Independence” poster

  • Source materials

2. A CD with audio-visual postcards portraying “The Fathers of Independence”

3. A catalogue of the exhibition "Fathers of Independence" ( a miniature paper version of the exhibition)

 Audio materials on “The Fathers of Independence”:



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