A delegation of Belarusian oppositionists visits the IPN

On 22 May 2018 the Institute of National Remembrance hosted a delegation of members of the Belarusian democratic opposition, invited to Poland by the “Freedom and Democracy Foundation”. The purpose of the meeting was to present the mission and selected tasks of the Institute of National Remembrance, with particular emphasis on the collection and dissemination of archival documents as well as a presentation of current international projects being carried out by the Institute.

The Belarusian oppositionists were particularly interested in the scope of the process of digitization of the Institute's resources and its cooperation with the European Platform of Memory and Conscience, which brings together 57 public and private institutions whose aim is to work together to broaden knowledge about totalitarian regimes and to commemorate their victims.The IPN is one of the 21 founding members. The guests from Belarus also enquired about the results of the competition for the Pan-European Memorial of the Victims of Totalitarianism, which was won by Tszwai So, an architect from Great Britain.

The monument is going to be located in the center of Brussels, on the Jean Rey square, between the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. Letters written by victims of totalitarian regimes are to be key elements of the monument. For the activists from Belarus, including the correspondence of Belarusian victims of political repressions in this commemoration would be of major significance.

The guests familiarized themselves with the main tasks and types of investigations conducted by the IPN’s prosecutors. They expressed interest in legal conditions resulting from the prosecution of communist crimes, with particular emphasis on the expiry of the period of limitation with reference to cases from that period. An important issue was also the material jurisdiction of a prosecutor and cases conducted by the IPN’s investigative division, related both to the victims and to the perpetrators from Belarus.


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