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Letter of the President of Institute of National Remembrance Jarosław Szarek to Mayor of Jersey City Steven Fulop


Mr. Steven Fulop
Mayor of the City of Jersey City

Dear Mayor Fulop,

I am sending you some materials (in English) of the investigation conducted in the years 1951–1952 by the Select Committee to Investigate and Study the Facts, Evidence, and Circumstances of the Katyn Forest Massacre of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress (the so-called Madden Committee). These materials constitute an invaluable contribution to the arduous process of establishing the truth about the murder of Polish prisoners of war in the Soviet Union in 1940.

In recognition of their documentary value, the Institute of National Remembrance has decided to publish the translated Polish version of the Committee's materials: I have enclosed the first two volumes of this translation.

The activities of the Congress Committee are undeniable proof of the United States' care for dignity and the adequate commemoration of the Katyn Massacre. We have no doubt that this tendency, which distinguishes American democracy, is a constant and unquestionable tendency in the actions of America and the American people regarding the Victims of this crime.

Dr. Jarosław Szarek
President of the Institute of National Remembrance

United States House Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation of the Facts, Evidence and Circumstances of the Katyn Massacre Report 





„The massacre in Katyn Forest” in Polish language („Mord w Lesie Katyńskim”)



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